Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mushrooms On Sourdough

Steak and mushrooms were the two things my father showed me how to cook. He was also a dab hand at lobster thermidor, crema catalan and mashed potatoes with butter, eggs and onions. Slimming it ain’t. The key to bringing out the flavour of mushrooms, according to my dad, is speed. Find a saucepan with a lid. Set it on the heat and throw in a generous knob of butter. When it’s sizzling hot and even a little nutty, add the mushrooms, chopped or otherwise, bang on the lid and give them a good shake close over the heat for a couple of minutes. They should be done! Season with salt and pepper. It's failsafe for mushrooms on toast, omelettes or next to the bacon in an all-day breakfast.

In my version of events there are three kinds of fresh mushrooms: king oyster, oyster and chanterelle. Use a kitchen towel or soft brush to remove any dirt. Don’t wash them or they’ll steam and go soggy. Chop them up if you like but leave the small ones whole. These fellows ended up on toasted sourdough which added its signature tang to the meaty mushrooms. No need to butter the toast if you’ve been generous in the cooking. Pretty them up with parsley and’s a classic!

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